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EASYPAGE. Upgrade the way to layout your catalog

Published by Sincromia on 20 January 2020


An indispensable solution for the management of frequent and timely modifications of catalogs, price lists, technical manuals, labels, ...

The layout of a price list, a technical manual, a technical catalog, a catalog has always been carried out from start to finish with professional typesetting software.

With Easypage it is possible to create an automation between a data source and the final layout by optimizing the whole layout process. You can have your printed product in just 3 STEP, personalized, economic, without errors.


What are the advantages of this system?

Our technicians speak ...

The main advantage is automation. After the initial step in which the customer provides the data source and the layout is created, any subsequent modification and integration will require a simple update. All data are connected to the final layout (descriptions, prices, codes, images ...) optimizing times, costs and eliminating the possibility of transcription errors.


The case.

Rudy Vernier, operating director of Midj S.p.A., has chosen to use Easypage for the realization of its price lists.

We have tested Easypage by supplying the product data in an Excel file to be linked to the layout, finding advantages in terms of time and costs on the realization of our price list. Following an update of the company management system, we have achieved a further advantage by managing the data in a univocal way and maintaining a consistency between the management and the information provided for the realization of the final list, avoiding transcription errors and speeding up the process.

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