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Focus on sustainability

Published by Sincromia on 3 February 2020

Focus on sustainability

The 17 sustainable goals for a better future

The 2030 agenda is the commitment that UN member states have made in the name of peace, international cooperation and security.

These are 17 sustainable objectives launched in 2015 with universal validity to whose realization each country contributes in based on your skills.

169 measurable objectives by 2030 to end poverty, fight against inequality, promote economic development and social inclusion, address problems related to climate change ... all with particular attention to sustainability and respect for environmental capacity .


Our commitment

Certifications and low environmental impact materials

For several years Sincromia has had the FSC® certification and in 2018 it also achieved the PEFC ™ certification, both issued by Interface NRM Ltd, for the use of paper from responsibly managed forests. The products we print on certified papers may have indicated the specific logo.

Those who require certified production contribute to the development of an ethical and responsible system that promotes good forest management.

With certification, printed products stand out and are traceable. All the passages of the materials used are identified which start from the forest and reach the final consumer.

For printing we use materials and products with low environmental impact such as inks from the Vegetable Oil Based Ink line with solvent-free plant-based pigments. Last but not least, printing with LED technology allows to reduce energy consumption during production.

All this without additional costs to support that proper environmental management is an advantage for everyone.



In Sincromia the relaxation break is conscious

In 2019 we replaced the traditional water bottle dispenser with a dispenser and equipped each employee with their own bottle. ACQUA is a distributor connected to the water network capable of continuously delivering water at cold and carbonated room temperature compliant with high standards and at Km 0.

In addition to our commitment to the abolition of disposable plastic in the company through the elimination of disposable bottles, we have introduced compostable paper cups and biodegradable pallets, fair trade products, for intolerant and organic products.

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