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Sincromia calendar 2020

Published by Sincromia on 17 December 2019

1920-2020 Tribute to Gianni Rodari

Because the freedom of imagination goes through words.

Sincromia for 2020 has created a calendar for its stakeholders dedicated to Gianni Rodari on the centenary of his birth. Rodari was a free thinker who wrote for children to talk to adults ...

The 13-image project involves 8 illustrators from the cultural association SpiceLapis, who worked using different techniques. The development of the months is the result of a constant synergy within the group in collaboration with Sincromia.

The illustrations are freely taken from the nursery rhymes, stories, poems of the author and are characterized by the graphic and personalized sign of the illustrators.

Gianni Rodari expressed his thoughts on sustainability, in particular social:

"I wish everyone would read, not to become writers or poets, but because no one is a slave anymore"

and with this stimulus we leave our calendar for 2020.


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