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Cradle to cradle

Published by Sincromia on 6 March 2020


Thinking about the objects from the design for their reuse

In this era in which recycling is a fundamental part of our life, we thought to present you some papers for printing with particular sustainable characteristics.

All these papers have been used for the printing of our house organ Quartino nr. 4 which speaks of Sustainability, between ethics and aesthetics. You can browse it here



Extract paper is obtained from the process of transforming coffee cups into paper

EXTRACT is a paper produced thanks to the partnership between the G.F Smith paper mill and James Copper's CupCyclingTM which made it possible to transform 5 used paper cups into a sheet of paper, recovering 90% from each cup and converting it to FSC® certified paper fiber. The remaining 10% is recovered and becomes a completely new product.


SOPORSET Premium Offset

A product that uses a particular species of Eucalyptus plant

SOPORSET is a brand of the Navigator Company group, a company with a totally sustainable production cycle. The paper produced for offset printing is made with Eucalyptus Globulos, a species of eucalyptus that grows in Portugal, with a short and thick fiber. Compared to birch, it uses 36% less raw material to produce the same amount of cellulose.



Its "ingredients" include grass that replaces a part of the wood pulp

UC-STORCH is a mixture of production waste + groundwood and bleached pasta + grass, which replaces a part of the wood pulp.
Buchmann Karton manufactures products based on FSC® renewable raw materials using production systems that respect resources such as water and air and an active energy management system.
The result is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable products.

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