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Sincromia was established in 2012 and stems from the merger of two graphic design and printing companies to face the radical changes that are involving print communication.

All this has allowed us to complete the production cycle, expand our offering, and focus on innovative projects that set Sincromia apart from the competition.

We work in different sectors, including the furniture, food, stainless steel, and textile industries across Italy and in Russia.

Our high printing quality has become a benchmark in the industry.

High quality

whether for 1 or 100,000 copies

Sincromia is a graphic design company resulting from the merger of two important printing companies with a multi-year experience.

We provide a wide range of services and innovative printing solutions for small, medium, or large print-runs.

We are fast and flexible, in the continuous pursuit of cutting-edge technologies to ensure always the highest quality and perfect results.

Broaden your view on printing.

We print the perfection you deserve

Customer satisfaction has always been Sincromia’s mission.

That’s why we put our experience at your service and recommend the best solutions to achieve a bespoke product that meets even the highest expectations.

6 reasons to choose Sincromia



and Services

Sincromia will always be by your side to help you choose only the best for your prints.



and Printing

From preprinting to printing small and large print-runs.


In-house binding


To complete the work as rapidly as possible.




HD quality printing thanks to the KW System. Smart Offset is the solution for digital printing and offset quality.



and reliability

You decide the deadlines and methods, we make sure the result meets them.



The environment is our priority. That’s why we use FSC® certified paper and solvent-free ink.

Environment protection is not a cliché

Sincromia is FSC® and PEFC ™ certified, issued by Interface NRM Ltd, for the use of paper from sustainably managed forests. All our products are certifiable. We use low-impact materials and products, such as solvent-free, plant-based ink and processless plates.

Moreover, the introduction of Smart Offset printing with LED technology allows us to reduce energy consumption during the production stage.

You can request all the information when ordering.