KW System print


ULTRA-CLEAR PRINTS, with Kromatic Wide

The flat and dull effect disappears thanks to the KW System.

You can notice the difference when you compare a product printed WITH Kromatic Wide and a product printed without. The result is stunning! The colours of the printed images are as close to reality as they can get, like when you see them on a PC monitor or a tablet. Sincromia has relied on the help of a research centre to develop this software that can activate the processes to enhance an image while maintaining the same colour table of the original file. This way, images are more detailed and colours are brighter and more vibrant, thereby giving the same sense of depth and volume you get from an HD monitor.


HD effect printing

Your prints will never be the same again

Sincromia has always focused on innovation. When we show the difference between traditional printing and KW System printing, customers are enthusiastic. This system ensures images with unmatched colour yield, thanks to a wider range of colours than normal ink.